Sanic The Hedgehog, a widely recognized meme with limited backstory, is set for an evolution through screen and media. The introduction of the $SEGA token will transform the financial landscape of all Sanic The Hedgehog games. This token will have diverse applications, including rewards for in-game holding, options for cosmetic purchases, and the establishment of escrow-based wagering systems to enhance the competitive gaming experience.

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SanicKart, now in open beta, is a free-to-play, 3D multiplayer arcade racing game set in the meme universe, offering browser and select platform versions. It features various characters, maps, power-ups, and up to 8-player races with leaderboards and prize-pool tournaments. An optional wallet connection will enable peer-to-peer wagering on race outcomes. The game combines competitive elements with the flexibility of platform accessibility.


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Jump into the driver's seat with Sanic Kart, where every race is a thrilling challenge against friends. Wager on the outcomes to add a layer of excitement to each contest. Master the tracks, outpace your rivals, and enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition. It's not just about winning; it's about experiencing the rush together. Race, wager, and celebrate each heart-pounding moment in the world of Sanic racing!

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Dive into the Sanic universe with our detailed Bluepaper and discover the web3 mechanics behind our game and coin. Eager for action? Join the SanicKart Open Beta and experience the excitement of meme-fueled racing firsthand. Your participation shapes our evolution in gaming. Read up, race on, and help us drive the future of play. Join the race today!

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Allocating 80% of the total token supply to the $SEGA liquidity pool ensures a stable, robust financial base for Sanic, supporting community growth and market stability for players and investors.


Dedicating 8% of our token supply to marketing, we focus on expanding visibility and reach, driving ecosystem growth and enhancing our coin's value for the Sanic community.


6% of the token supply is reserved for the treasury, providing financial reserves to support ongoing development, innovation, and long-term sustainability of the Sanic ecosystem.


4% of the tokens are earmarked for exchange listings, facilitating broader accessibility and liquidity for the $SEGA token within the global cryptocurrency market.


2% of the tokens are allocated to the Team Wallet, ensuring that the dedicated team behind Sanic is incentivized and supported for their continual contributions to the project's success.





Stealth Launch - Q4 2023

Objective: Successfully initiate the Sanic the Hedgehog universe with a $SEGA stealth launch and the closed beta of SanicKart.

Details: We kicked off the Sanic journey with a strategic stealth launch, unveiling the $SEGA token and premiering SanicKart in a closed beta phase, welcoming initial players and testers.

Outcome: The stealth launch established a solid base for the Sanic ecosystem, gaining valuable insights from beta testers and early adopters.

Community / Marketing - Q4 2023

Objective: Strengthen community ties and advance marketing for Sanic the Hedgehog and SanicKart.

Details: In Q4 2023, we enhanced our website, hosted regular community interactions on Telegram and X spaces, and launched a Telegram group for exclusive access and referrals. The SanicAI Telegram bot further enriched user engagement. Key achievements included the SanicKart Early Access Tournament and various community contests. Our marketing efforts saw a successful campaign launch, CG Listing application, the debut of the Sanic Web Comic Strip, the rollout of SanicKart's Closed Beta, and increased visibility on CMC & Dex Tools. The quarter culminated with a December reveal, showcasing our ambitious plans for 2024.

Outcome: These initiatives significantly bolstered our community and marketing presence, paving the way for further growth and exciting developments in the upcoming year.

Sanicverse / Open Beta - Q1 2024

Objective: Integrate Sanicverse and transition SanicKart into open beta.

Details: The first quarter of 2024 started with the integration of Sanic AI into our platforms and the expansion of SanicKart access through an open beta.

Outcome: The Sanic AI integration enhanced user experience, and the open beta phase broadened player participation, refining gameplay through community feedback.

Content Expansion - Q1 2024

Objective: Launch the first series of the Sanic web comic.

Details: Alongside the ongoing game development, launch of the inaugural series of the Sanic web comic, adding depth to the Sanic verse.

Outcome: The web comic series will introduce a narrative layer to the brand, engaging the community with Sanic lore and attracting a wider audience.

Gaming & NFTs - Q2 2024

Objective: Introduce game-fi NFTs and release SanicKart V1.0.

Details: The second quarter will focus on integrating game-fi elements with NFTs and launching the full version of SanicKart.

Outcome: The introduction of NFTs provides a new dimension to gameplay and ownership, while the release of SanicKart V1.0 will mark the official launch of Sanicverse Marketplace.

Sanic Deatmatch / Web Series - Q2 2024

Objective: Debut the second series of the Sanic web comic and announce the launch of Sanic Deathmatch into closed beta .

Details: We will continue to build the Sanic narrative with the second series of the web comic, and releasing Sanic Deathmatch into a beta pipeline to further engage with the community.

Outcome: The continued comic series will enrich the Sanic universe, sustaining community interest and encouraging new players to join.

P2P Wagering - Q3 2024

Objective: Enhance community engagement with new Sanicverse utility, introduce P2P wagering in SanicKart.

Details: We plan to upgrade community interaction with new Sanic AI features and launch peer-to-peer wagering with SanicKart.

Outcome: These advancements will foster a more interactive community and introduce a competitive wagering aspect to the game, increasing user investment and enjoyment.

Roadmap Reveal - Q3 2024

Objective: Announce the roadmap for the next phase of development.

Details: The close of Q3 will include a reveal of the future roadmap, outlining the next steps in the Sanic ecosystem's evolution.

Outcome: The announcement will provide clear direction for the growth of the Sanic universe, maintaining community excitement and investor confidence.

Future Developments

Objective: Continue to expand our game-fi offerings and utility-based dApps.

Details: Post-Q2 2024, plans include further game-fi development and the launch of utility-based decentralized applications (dApps) within the Sanic ecosystem.

Outcome: These ongoing developments are expected to enhance the gaming experience, drive utility, and sustain the ecosystem's growth. Specific details to be announced.



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